Jumat, 15 Februari 2008

who am i ? ? ?

Often in daily life easy once we make an assessment for the beautiful flowers, the flowers wither, the fruit is sweet and fresh, the food is delicious and other assessments that are essentially good and bad. Included also conduct an assessment of our fellow human beings. Often we feel that other people do not seem too good. Often we ourselves feel better (well I am also very often, even in choosing friends sometimes I also feel still can not guess). Even the Almighty good or bad only a servant Allah and slaves themselves, easily we often say someone good or someone bad. Even so, if we can honestly would like to acknowledge and ask ourselves "WHO AM I?" We will also find many shortcomings, weakness behind all our strength.
Maybe start now, start from ourself, from the small (from 3 M Ust. Aa Gym), let us honestly grateful to assess the advantages that have been bestowed to Allah we are not humble servant with Allah the other because Allah also give him strenght that could be more perfect and more extraordinary, but they not arrogant, they are humble seems our that more of them. If such a shame to be. Maybe physically we've more than us, but I can so we have "inner beauty" because of the extraordinary modesty heart almost excess is not visible by us. .Furthermore, how we can behave our weakness? so let learn a lot and never think “gengsi” for recognize our weakness, but also do not neglect to the bomb but we try to make better always.

Along of time, our age increase,add friends, knowledge we can manage our weakness to better attitude. if the normative weakness are nature, such as IQ, ESQ we can continue to be improved with science. The weakness of physical, we must thanks lot to Allah, although in this era we can be improved by maintaining the health, and can be changed according to taste.

But the more important of all is how we can develop the "aura innerbeauty". Yah, I have little tips from my friend although I can not do it yet . But perhaps I can share with the start. "Aura innerbeauty" that will be appear and realized in the attitudes if we can maintenance which our chest that are our hearts and feelings.
Let's we try always for "Positive Thinking" to anyone and anything. The main course is a positive thingking to "The Create of Universe" is ALLAH SWT. We should be believe in accordance with Allah Said that He will give us “Ujian Hidup” accordance with our ability. Everything Ok for us maybe not Ok by Allah because Allah will give us “Hikmah” for be patient and say thanks of everything His Gift. If we have patient and always thanks to Allah, insyaAlloh we will become a "legowo" to do anything and accept everything we earn.
The next Positive thinking that of course to His Creation is mainly a fellow human being. This is Justice of Allah for create all things diverse, including human character, so this world become a dynamic full color. Allah give us the completely organ, brain and heart with all the perfection for face the diversity. Phisic and Soul is equipped with the desires of the backups by the intellect and heart to differentiate human with the other creation like plant and animal. Allah give appetite too to human sor test who is nice human or bad human. So Human must control his appetite with the hearts for take the harmony life and happiness in the world and Hereafter.
The angry must be controlled so angry not happens, we can angry if we see anything that is not in accordance with the values of religion and culture, and is also still angry with the polite language that was born from the heart.
The feel not confidence because of our weakness can be controlled with the heart to explore the advantages and invites us to develop our intellect. We give ourself motivation for do something better if we see friend doing something good. Yah, we are of course still many appetite-lust that other people have. Lust is certainly there in anyone, including us. Therefore, let us control of the intellect and our hearts so that we become "human life is truly a man".

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