Sabtu, 11 April 2009

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As a blogger of course we do not lay with the term web hosting. Web hosting this is the house we are in the virtual world. On web hosting we can fill, publish and promote even things that we can offer to consumers online. Web hosting can we get this free of charge and can we buy if we want a web hosting that is clearly the quality of campaigns in the world online. There is one term that we often hear the rating. Rating that determines the quality of web hosting in our virtual world. One of the web that can help us to choose the best web hosting, promoting, we determine the web hosting rating, including how and qualifying such as web hosting and even what we give awards, we can see here.

Qualification web hosting that we can get are

Unix Hosting
Windows Hosting
Reseller Hosting
VPS Hosting
Dedicated Hosting
Colocation Hosting
Managed Hosting

And for the best web hosting can be viewed and the type of qualifications that are

Best Budget Hosting
Best Blog Hosting
Best Forum Hosting
Best Unix Hosting
• Best Windows Hosting
• Best PHP Hosting
• Best Email Hosting
• Best Ecommerce Hosting
• Best Multi-Domain Hosting
• Best VPS Hosting
• Best Reseller Hosting
• Best Dedicated Hosting

also provided CMS web hosting :

Joomla Hosting
Drupal Hosting
MODx Hosting
Wordpress Hosting
b2evolution Hosting
phpBB Hosting
vBulletin Hosting
SMF Hosting
Coppermine Hosting
PHPWiki Hosting

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